Employment Standards Act Changes

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Employment Standards Act Changes – What You Need To Do

As of May 20, 2015, changes to the Employment Standards Act have come into effect. The following provides you with specific details and access to the necessary resources so you can ensure you are compliant.

ESA Information Poster
A new ESA Information Poster has been developed and must be posted in all workplaces. The new obligation is that all existing employees must be provided with a copy of the poster before June 20, 2015. On an ongoing basis, all new employees must receive a copy of the poster within 30 days of their first day of work. It is recommended that you make the poster part of your new employee hiring package. Follow the link below to access the new poster.


With the new amendments, Employment Standards Officers (ESOs) may now require an employer to complete a self-audit to report on their compliance with the Act and identify any outstanding wages due to non-compliance. If you are required to do a self-audit, you will receive written notice (the notice must be in writing) from an ESO which must specify:
• The period to be reviewed;
• The provision(s) of the ESA that are to be covered in the self-audit;
• The date by which the employer must provide the results of the self-audit to the ESO.

If the self-audit indicates that one or more employees are owed outstanding wages, the employer must provide a list of names and amounts that are to be paid with proof that the wages were paid out once completed. As well the employer must provide details on how they will ensure ongoing compliance. Whatever the results of the self-audit, the ESO retains the right to conduct his/her own investigation.

How Pesce & Associates Can Help
Our Consultants have decades of experience working with the Employment Standards Act and helping clients ensure they are compliant. We utilize a Compliance Assessment Review process to ensure organizations are compliant with all employment related legislation. To discuss how we can assist you, please contact Elizabeth Hill, Partner & Senior Consultant, at ehill@pesceassociates.com or 416-491-1501 ext. 23.

For further information on the full range of human resources consulting services offered by Pesce & Associates, please visit our website at http://www.pesceassociates.com.

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