4 Guidelines to Dealing With Conflict in the Workplace

No matter your workplace there will be some degree of conflict. What may surprise you is that conflict is not necessarily a bad thing.

To be clear, there are definitely conflict situations that are negative, however this is mainly due to how the conflict is handled. Conflict should be healthy; people don’t always have to agree but they need to respect each other’s opinions and actively listen to what the other has to say.

The following are a few guidelines that should be implemented in order for conflict to remain healthy in the workplace:

  1. Conversation: If there is a conflict in the workplace, it needs to be dealt with. Conflict cannot be swept under the rug to be totally forgotten in most cases. Trying to do so can be counter-productive.
  2. Respect: This is the most important piece of the conflict puzzle. Respect for the other’s opinion while talking it out will help immensely to make steps towards conflict resolution.
  3. Actively listening: This is key to dealing with conflict in the workplace. Make sure that what is being said is fully understood and that there are no misinterpretations or confusion.
  4. Don’t dwell: Things will probably be said that will be taken negatively – try to ensure that the negative is not what is focused on as this will drag the conversation in the wrong direction.

While none of these points are new ideas for dealing with conflict they remain the most important guidelines to successfully dealing with conflict in the workplace.

Lee-Anne Vandenberg
Social Media Coordinator